Having a custom built home doesn’t have to cost you more

It is true that a custom home may require more design time and sometimes there are added features that can take more time to build. But is it really fair to say that it costs more if you are getting more?

photo of custom house blueprint

By the time your design is finished and your product selections are chosen the cost of your custom home can be quite accurately estimated. In order to keep the costs for your custom home in line with your expectations, it is better to have most of your decisions made and then stick with them, before the building process starts. Your choices determine the cost of your custom home.
By designing the rooms and features of your home for your needs and then by choosing the products that will be used to build you can increase the value and liveability of your home. Perhaps you want bathrooms to be accessible from every bedroom, or a home office or a bakers’ kitchen…maybe energy efficiency or sustainability are more important to you, the possibilities are virtually endless.
If you would like to build a modest-sized home using high-quality sustainable products on an inner-city lot- that is a custom home. Custom homes aren’t necessarily mansions in the country. A custom home is simply a home designed with features and built with products that you help choose with expert advice.

Our homes are often our biggest investments…Why not invest in a home that better suits your needs and values?

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